abbotsford street, north melbourne

this project involves the addition of a second-storey extension, tucked well into the existing building. the roof rises from the existing southern wall, eliminating any overshadowing, and capturing valuable northern light. the roof sails past a wall of translucent glass and is angled to allow winter sun in and to exclude summer sun. the stairwell, located in the centre of the ground floor brings natural light from above deep into the previously dark ground floor. he finishes were kept simple yet robust palette of materials. recycled jarrah was selected for its beauty, durability and sustainability. translucent white laminated glass provides superior thermal performance and can provide abundant natural light without overlooking neighbours. galvanised steel cladding was chosen for its durability and compatibility with the semi-industrial architecture of the surroundings.

the house is designed to be a tough, simple little building giving light and privacy to those inside and unimposing beauty and simplicity to the wider community.